*We recommend not to include more than 500 URLs at once so the tool could work smoothly

How many hours have you lost creating htaccess redirect rules one by one? We know, we have lost a million hours too and we have to say that it's not funny. That's because we have developed this new tool, so you can create your htacces redirections just in one click.

Follow this steps to take the maximum of the tool:

  1. Choose the type of your redirection (301 or 302).
  2. Paste all the URLs you want to be redirected (paste them separated by a line break or in a different cell of an Excel document).
  3. Paste the new URLs you want to be the final one (paste them as explained in step 2).
  4. Click on "CREATE!".
  5. Magically, your redirections will appear in the third text area following the order you have paste them. Now, you can easilly copy and paste them in your htaccess file.